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                                   when there is spare lumber, time and ideas...      Items that are for sale!



                                                                                    * Prices do NOT include shipping *




Boxwood Knife & Spoon $265.00  Warm and deliciously smooth. SOLD 





             Sweet Red Cabinet


                   Kinda Brick Red  only better.   $325.00 SOLD             

              This cabinet measures 6.5 deep X 16.5 ( at the crown ) and is 27 3/4 Tall.

              One drawer and just above a piece of old mirror.  It can stand as is or be hung on the wall





 Crape Myrtle mortar and a Boxwood thumb pestle. Mortar is 2 1/2" in diameter and 3 1/4"tall. Thumb is 4" long. $185.00 SOLD 



Distressed/Painted Bench-$450.00  55 3/4" long X 18" deep SOLD



 African Rosewood Mortar 2 1/2" in diameter, East Indian Rosewood pestle approx.2 3/4" long  $165.00 SOLD






                                                             Hand-Carved Mahogany Hand: $1,150.00




                                              Painted Bench/Table $425.00  47" X 11"   18 1/2" Height SOLD




Journals that have been covered in rich polished veneers. Each journal  set comes with a special little stirring spoon. Enjoy!

A  joy to look at,  a joy to use.       *ALL JOURNALS HAVE BEEN SOLD*



 Each journal measures approximately 5" x 7" with 125 lined pages of smooth cream paper.


        Fabric covered with Boxwood spoon  SOLD




      Rosewood with Teak spoon                                                                           




    African Rosewood with Indonesian Walnut spoon









                Model #2 Guitar Bench-  SOLD  

            This model was built for display, it has also been to several shops and shows. It has the worn black painted finish and is in great shape. A compact size it measures about 40" long.  Seat height is about 24". 

             Kinda neat cause it will work for lefty's too! 


                                                                                                              * Prices do NOT include shipping *


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