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      Wooden Guitar Stands

Each guitar stand is Hand-crafted from solid lumber,  with thick felt cushions on all areas where the guitar rests.


The  stands pictured below come in basically two flavors.

Flavor # 1 .....$345.00  

                           They are available in either  a worn black or a lightly distressed waxed finish. 


                             (click for more photos)


             Flavor # 2 ...$525.00

               The second option is to have a stand made out of Cherry, Walnut or Maple.


They each have a hand-rubbed Danish oil finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood.               


All  Guitar Stands are built as fold out units. This reduces the shipping costs a bit and makes  it easier to take with you.  

No matter which Guitar Stand you choose they are well built,  sturdy and will safely cradle your guitar.

And...... they look really good doing it.                                                                                                                      Price list for Guitar furniture

                    Prices above do not include shipping.               

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